"Teletefilk" is the Official Filk of
What's a filk? Roughly a song parody, but for a thoroughly exhausting definition, see the Filk Wiklipedia entry.

Words and performance by Amy F

When Amy sent us her recording, it was perfect. Unfortunately, the TeleTefila gnomes decided that they needed to speed up their online gaming, so they borrowed a bucket of electrons from Amy's recording, leaving several gaps.


TeleTefila, / TeleTefila, / TeleTefila / dav'ning on Zoom! /
TeleTefila, / when you have minyan / but it's not safe to / all be in one room.

Log on, and there you are, / right where you were before, /
But on your screen you see a / bunch of other Jews. /
They're right where they were too / and now, along with you, /
Hold vírtual services / in a vírtual shul.

Start on
Friday night with
virtuál Kabbalas Shabbes, / Vírtual ma`ariv, vírtual Kiddush /
then next morning, vírtual shach'ris, / Vírtual leyning and d'var Torah, /
vírtual musaf!
vírtual Kiddush!
And a vírtual potluck lunch!

Then later . . .
Virtúal minchah / virtúal shaleshudes, / virtúal ma`ariv, / vírtual havdalah. /
All this thanks to:
TeleTefila, / though it's not quite [real, naw, / still, it can feel, yea-aw, / close enough] for now.

Once this is over, then / we'll gather IRL, when /
That's safe to do again / for prayer and song! /
Then we'll be thankful for / much that we once took for /
Granted, [back before / COVID came along.

Oh, when
can] we go back
to a shul that isn't vírtual? / It will be so-much-more spir'tual /
when we have in-person ritual / First just get your hand-san' shpritz, y'all! /
Please take heed, or
we might need
TeleTefila once again!