ZOOM advice for everyone

For advice on cameras, microphones, headsets, tripods, and much more, see professional photographer Michael Brochstein's recommendations: http://www.michaelbrochstein.com/misc/Videoconferencing_improve.htm

ZOOM help for users

If you're getting started with ZOOM
Joining a ZOOM meeting by telephone (no video)
  1. Dial the phone number
  2. Enter the Meeting ID and press #
  3. When asked for your Participant Number, just press #
Unreliable connections

The biggest single problem with ZOOM is unreliable connections. People report that they cannot connect to a meeting, get kicked out of meetings, lose their audio, or have their video freeze up. It is our opinion that the culprit is usually their WiFi connection. WiFi is notoriously slow and fragile. If your next door neighbor decides to make some popcorn in the microwave . . . Boom! You're out of the meeting! There are no easy solutions but you could:

Bad audio — people cannot hear you


Some use their smartphones as hotspots.


Ellen's info on setup before Shabbat: When will you sign in? We have set this up so that people can log in to the Zoom session as early as 8PM Friday, before Shabbat begins. Then, if you disable your computer's sleep function, the call will still be there the next morning. We will begin tefillah itself promptly at 9:45am.


How to use the info on the connex page.

Priofile pic (must chg bef joining mtg)

Virtual background (not on my machine)


Lois Nyren 6-8-2020: And I’d be correct in telling Ruth NOT to open Zoom app first but to click on the link in email to join a service.  And for AC things, she can connect through the AC website, but again, not to open Zoom first.   

Subject: Soundjack - Play music/rehearse together with others in real time online - YouTube